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Iron Butt Association
December 04, 2021

Welcome to Iron Butt Association's web presence!

The 60,000+ members of the Iron Butt Association are dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding. Although based in the United States, we have thousands of enthusiastic members throughout the globe! One of our more popular slogans is, "The World Is Our Playground."

This web site is home for hundreds of excellent stories about long-distance riding. One will also find a vast amount of technical information regarding the art and science of long-distance riding. Our most famous document, the IBA "Archive of Wisdom", contains the collective wisdom and knowledge of some of the most experienced, seasoned long-distance riders in the world!

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Iron Butt Association 

Menu Synopsis:

  • About the IBA Includes information about the Iron Butt Rally and other Iron Butt Association long-distance rides, such as the SaddleSore 1000 (1000 miles in 24 hours), BunBurner 1500 (1500 miles in 24 or 36 hours), and the 50cc Quest (coast-to-coast in 50 hours).

  • Rides & Rules Official Iron Butt Association sanctioned rides, their history and rules!

  • Event Calendar IBA rides you can do anytime, and a listing of formal, sanctioned Long Distance Events and informal Long Distance Rider gatherings.

  • Ride Reports A vast repository of IBA ride reports, including SaddleSores, BunBurners/BunBurner Golds, 50CC and 100CC, etc.

  • Iron Butt eStore Please note that some Iron Butt Association items are only for sale to members.

  • Iron Butt Rally Stories and pictures from previous Iron Butt Rallies dating back to the early '90s.

  • Tech House A section devoted to the technical aspects of Long Distance Riding. Auxiliary lighting techniques, MERA fuel cell standards, riding in extreme weather, and the world-famous IBA "Archive of Wisdom"!!

  • Search Search for past stories of IBA Rides submitted by the riders themselves!

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    By IBA Comm Officer, Ira Agins!
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