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2001 Iron Butt Rally Registration

Unfortunately, the 2001 Iron Butt Rally is completely full with a wait list of over 500 people. There is no hope of finding a position on the starting line in 2001. However, this document is kept on-line for reference for those wishing to enter a future event.

Michael Kneebone

The 2001 Iron Butt Rally is scheduled to take off on Monday, August 27, 2001 from the Atlanta, Georgia area (please note that we define the "Atlanta area" pretty broadly as we are looking at facilities from Charlotte, North Carolina to Atlanta to the Pensacola, Florida area). The rally will run counterclockwise with checkpoints in Maine, Washington, and California.. The finish is set for Friday, September 7, 2001 back at the start line.

The entry fee for the 2001 Iron Butt Rally will be $975 (U.S. Funds) payable in two parts. To hold a position, the initial deposit of $425 will be due May 1, 2000 with the remaining $550 fee due January 15, 2001. Please note, NO money is due with this registration form (this is a change from prior years where your application had to have a check for the initial deposit enclosed).

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate all applicants. For example, in 1998, over 600 people applied for 100 available positions in the 1999 Iron Butt. To try and be as fair as possible, on or about April 9, 2000 a drawing will be held for available positions. Everyone, with the exception of several positions to be used at the Rallymasters discretion (for example, an attempt on a 125cc motorcycle, interesting antique motorcycle attempts, and the winners of some key rallies the IBA entered agreements with to promote safe long distance rallies and members of the press ) will have to pass through the drawing.

Except for the above noted exceptions, all entries will be divided into three categories (boxes); Iron Butt Rally veterans, rally workers from 1999 and new riders. The first part of the drawing will randomly take forty envelopes from the veterans box and allocate positions for those riders. Should more than forty veterans apply, the remaining envelopes will be placed in the new rider box and it will be shuffled (that means in effect, that veterans have two chances to be drawn).

Five positions will be drawn for those people that worked on the 1999 Iron Butt Rally. Should more than five 1999 workers apply, the remaining volunteer envelopes will be placed in the new rider box and it will be shuffled (that means in effect, that 1999 volunteers also have two chances to be drawn).

While the exact number of entries has not been determined, we will draw and number each persons entry in drawing order. For example, if the 2001 event has 80 entries (we will determine the exact number by January 15, 2001), entry number 81 and higher will be placed on a waiting list. During the course of 2000 and early 2001, should a competitor withdraw, entry 81 would be the first person to be offered that rider's position on the starting line. The person with wait list number 82 would be the second person to receive an offer to fill an open slot and so on. As long as you provide the requested self-addressed, self-stamped envelopes, everyone that applies will receive a letter notifying them that their entry was drawn and if not, what their position is on the wait list.

If you are drawn for the rally, you have until May 9, 2000 to get the deposit to the Iron Butt Association. After that date, we will offer your position to the next person on the wait list. Please note, the $425 fee to reserve a position on the starting line is NOT refundable. Under no circumstances should you submit your fee if you are not certain that you will be able to ride. This policy has been in effect since 1988 when so many last-minute rider cancellations resulted in the cancellation of the rally itself.

If you are unfamiliar with the mechanics of the rally, you should immediately obtain a copy of Ron Ayres' book, Against the Wind (a very good account of Ron's Iron Butt experience), and visit the Iron Butt Association's web site at and read the reports from the 1999, 1997 and 1995 rallies. You should also carefully study the 1999 IBR Rules. While the rules will change slightly for 2001, the only major changes that might affect your preparation is the modification to allow you to carry up to 11.5 US gallons of fuel (versus 11.0 gallons in prior years). Please be warned that so much as 11.5001 gallons (i.e., ANY amount over 11.5 gallons, even a drop) will disqualify you from the rally. So be sure that when empty, there is no way that we can pour more than 11.5 US gallons of fuel into your system. In fact, I recommend you stick with the 11.0 gallon limit to insure you are not disqualified after a great ride for a few extra drops of gas. For 2001, we are assembling a team that will drain and check the top placing finishers as well as a random sampling of other motorcycles that complete the event.

You should also be aware that while the primary goal of the rally is to ride to each of the four checkpoints and arrive on time, collecting optional bonus points may require a extraordinary effort and bravery. Earning optional bonus points can require long hikes (a recent example was a « mile steep uphill hike to an ice cave) or participation in other extreme activities (in 1999, bonus points could be earned by riding an open air roller coaster located on top of and on the outside of a 100 story tall building).

The 2001 rally will include a very large bonus in extreme southern Alaska in the town of Hyder on the Maine to Washington leg of the rally (which means crossing in and out of Canada). While there are no bonuses in Mexico, the rally does have numerous bonuses in Canada. Like any other bonus, these bonuses contain numerous risks, including the possibility that you may be stopped and not allowed entry into Canada or perhaps back into the United States or suffer other long delays at the border (for example, this week, if your last name is Arabic sounding, you would probably think twice about visiting bonuses in Canada) . Should you determine that the risk is to great, you may want to delay your entry for a later rally that may not have the emphasis in Canada that the 2001 event will have.

If all this talk about drawings, rules and regulations sound like we are not a fun group, I assure you the Iron Butt is about friendship, loyalty, trust and most of all, having a great time. The rules and guidelines we have developed over the years are to keep the playing field level and to keep the event fun. Some of the best memories of my life have been because of the Iron Butt Rally and I assure you that you will ride away from the rally a changed person with new life-long friends and some of the most treasured memories of your life!

Please respect our intellectual property rights. Do not distribute any of these documents, or portions therein, without the written permission of the Iron Butt Association.


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