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December 04, 2016

Rides & Rules

Iron Butt Association
Someone claim they completed an Iron Butt ride? This is the list to check! NOTE: Due to verification, this list is approximately 60 days behind any given ride date. Last update: November 14, 2016 for rides through July 15, 2016 (Preliminary list - EXCEPT INDIA).
Official Iron Butt Association Rides and Ride Rules
Rides that can be done the world over:
SaddleSore & Bunburner 1000 miles in under 24 hours / 1500 miles in under 36 hours!   
SaddleSore 1600K, 2000K, 2500K Kilometer based rides - 1600K in 24 hours, 2000K in 24 hours, 2500K in 36 hours, 2500K (GOLD) in 24 Hours   
SS2000 2,000 documented miles in under 48 hours!   
SS 3000 / BB 3000 3,000 miles in three days   
SaddleSore 5000 5,000 miles in 5 days   
BunBurner GOLD 1500 documented miles in under 24 hours!    Xtreme!
BBG3000 Two back-to-back BunBurner GOLD rides; 3000 miles in 48 hours!    Xtreme!
10-10ths Ten consectutive Saddlesore rides; 10,000 miles in 10 days!    Xtreme!
100k Club 100,000 documented miles in one year. 'Nuff said.    Xtreme!
Other LD Ride/Event Anything that doesn't fall into the other catagories   
IBR Ride Report Stories from those who attempted The Ride   
IBA South Africa rides IBA-sanctioned rides specific to South Africa   
IBA Finland rides IBA-sanctioned rides specific to Finland   
North America specific rides (USA and Canada)
50CC Coast to Coast in under 50 hours!   
100CCC Coast to Coast, and back to the starting Coast, all under 100 hours!    Xtreme!
Trans-Canada Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS (or vice-versa) all on Canadian roads, in under 90 hours!   
Trans-Canada GOLD Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS (or vice-versa) all on Canadian roads, in under 75 hours!    Xtreme!
National Parks Tour Visit at least 50 National Parks, Monuments, etc in at least 25 states within 1 year   
48-10 Ride all lower 48 states in 10 days!   
48 Plus! 49 States in 10 Days ride (ride to all 48 continental states plus Alaska!    Xtreme!
Border-to-Border Insanity! Mexico-USA-Canada in less than 24 Hours!    Xtreme!
Ultimate Coast to Coast Cross North America from Key West, Florida to Deadhorse, Alaska in 30 days or less!    Xtreme!
Great Lakes of North America rides
Great Lakes Ride around the "Great Lakes" in under 100 hours!   
Great Lakes GOLD Ride around the "Great Lakes" in under 50 hours!    Xtreme!
Lake Michigan 1000 24 Hours around Lake Michigan (North America)   
Lake Huron 1000 24 Hours around Lake Huron (North America)   
Lake Superior 1000 24 Hours around Lake Superior (North America)   
Lower Great Lakes 1000 24 Hours around Lake Ontario and Erie (North America)   
Iron Butt Association Recognition Award
IBA Recognition Award This is a way to thank those people that helped you with extrodinary help...   
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